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La Baraquette – a resort integrated into the heart of Marseillan

What a pleasure it must be to work in a town like Marseillan. It’s something that becomes clear the moment you speak to town hall employees. And it’s clear too that the mayor of Marseillan injects an enormous energy and love for the town into everything he does. Today, I’m meeting with Natalie to talk about tourism at Marseillan, and the role the La Baraquette luxury resort will take on in the future. La Baraquette will be very much a resort that is integrated into the town of Marseillan…

Interview with Nathalie Poignon, Communication Manager for the City of Marseillan

port de marseillan pres de la baraquette

Good morning Natalie. How far has the La Baraquette project come so far?

We celebrated the official launch of the project 6 months ago – it was hosted by the Mayor (Yves Michel) Joan Balagué (the architect) and Miguel Espada (CEO of Properties & Co, the development company).

Where will this cluster of high-end villas and apartments be located, and how will the project integrate itself into its environment?

La Baraquette is located in one of the most beautiful plots in Marseillan, looking out over the waters of the Etang de Thau. The details, scope and approach of the project immediately attracted us. And then design and way in which the resort integrates into the town and the lives of its inhabitants completely convinced us. Miguel Espada’s vision and, above all, his impressive record, also helped to sell the project to the town. The resort’s likely impact on the social, economic and tourist life of the town will help to breathe new life into Marseillan and accellerate its already healthy development.

What does Marseillan have to offer tourists?

Marseillan offers a different pace of life, its shady alleys offer a cool, quiet escape during the summer season. Set on the wild edges of the Etang de Thau, it provides an upmarket stop for those passing through the area. Marseillan-Plage continues to be a huge draw for those looking for high-quality camping sites. Marseillan Port, future home to La Baraquette, has embarked on an ambitious program of improvements to its charming port area. Visitors come here all the year round to eat and drink at the town’s restaurants, whatching the seagulls and sailing boats coming in and out. And if that weren’t enough, the town has just announced that it will be offering free car parking throughout the year.

Marseillan in summer – a magnet for tourists?

It certainly is – with almost 70,000 visitors a year the town is growing in popularity. There’s also increased interest from foreign property investors, especially Englis-speaking buyers. They often come in an buy abandoned ruins, transform them into beautiful homes and then either move in or rent them out to tourists. The economic benefits of such activity are huge for local businesses. It also raises the profile of Marseillan. The oyster farmers, hoteliers and restauranters all benefit from the knock-on effects of the regeneration of the town.

La Baraquette – a resort integrated into the heart of Marseillan

The future looks bright for Marseillan – the town looks set to become the jewel in the crown of the Etang de Thau area, with its increasingly chic restaurants, pretty port and the arrival of hundreds of up-market owners and visitors to the La Baraquette project.

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