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A match made in heaven !

Stéphane Mifsud is the current world record holder for ‘static apnea’ – or holding your breath under water. His record currently stands at a staggering 11 minutes and 35 seconds. This virtuoso of apnea has continually pushed the limits of human breath control – using a technique that doubles the storage capacity of the lungs (he increases it to just over 11 litres of air). This deep-sea athelete has recently discovered a project he feels he can really get behind and contribute to in a meaningful way – the La Baraquette Nautical Club.

Carpe Diem…

Stéphane is the first ‘partner’ signed up by the Nautical Club. So what drew him to the Nautical Club project – and what was it about La Baraquette that attracted him ?

Stéphane saw in La Baraquette the opportnity to share his love of the sea and more specifically the sport of Static Apnea. At the Nautical Club, Stéphane will be organising courses and cruises from the Club for residents of La Baraquette, all aimed at raising awareness of the sea and the marine life in the Etang de Thau in particular.

Water : a source of inspiration and of calm

Regular scuba diving enthusiast and the director of the La Baraquette project, Miguel Espada, is confident that the Nautical Club and the partnership with Stéphane Mifsud will offer owners and their guests truly unique experiences and insights into the world below the waves. Both men share a passion for the sea and for the preservation of the underwater habitat – and hope that this passion will transfer to visitors at the Nautical Club.

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