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The specialities of the Etang de Thau

Brasucade, Mouclade, Oursinades et Couteaux

They’re a magnet for tourists and enrich the lives of all who live here. The seafood specialities of the Thau Lagoon are famous across France for their quality and taste – in fact the oysters here are considered to be the best in the country. But it’s not all about oysters – gourmets and gourmands alike can eat grilled mussels at traditional ‘brasucades’, steamed mussels at ‘mouclades’, as well as the more exotic pleasures of sea urchins and razor clams.

Feasting on incredible seafood happens all around the Thau Lagoon – and is very much a part of traditional life here, with shellfish piled high on long tables overlooking the sea. The owners and guests at the La Baraquette vineyard resort and spa will be able to sample the myriad delights of the lagoon’s shellfish both in the resort’s restaurants and bars, as well as in the nearby towns of Sète, Bouzigues, Mèze and, of course, Marseillan itself. They’ll soon find that there’s nothing quite plunging into a tall plate of fresh oysters on a warm evening, with a bottle of crisp Picpoul white to accompany you.

Culinary know-how

Know how to turn simple oysters, mussels and other shellfish into sublime culinary creations is something the best regional chefs have honed over the generations. Starting with secret recipes from grandmothers, and making countless additions and tweaks, each chef has developed their own magical way of preparing ‘moules marinière’, ’huitres gratines’ and countless other delicious dishes.

Some recipes are innovative and complex, whereas other chefs rely on adding almost nothing to what they feel already tastes perfect straight from the sea. Of course, seafood and shellfish is all the better served with good wine. At La Baraquette, the new restaurant and oyster bar will be accompanying their fish and shellfish with wines from the Seigneurie de Peyrat wine domain, whose whites will include grapes grown at and near the resort itself.

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