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The Thau Lagoon – in black and white

Talk about the Thau Lagoon, and it’s hard not to wax lyrical about its spectacular display of light at night across its shimmering waters – as beautiful as it is romantic. In black and white, the lagoon becomes more authentic still, shifting our focus to the area’s history and traditions, the point perhaps of this photographic journey in shades of grey.

etang-de-thau-la-baraquette immobilier

Men at work, the aerial dance of birds above a protected reserve, the magical beauty of seahorses traversing the depths, or the criss-crossing of little flat-bottomed boats over the water – all are a delight to behold here. Human stories also abound – ones of great passion lived amongst a unique ecosystem. The Thau Lagoon, or ‘Etang de Thau’, presented in this article through the eyes of those who use the understanding of the past in order to protect and secure this beautiful area for future generations.

An exceptional environment

It has been painted in watercolours, captured from every angle and at every hour in photos, provided the backdrop to many a travel diary and played host to innumerable romantic moments, and yet the Thau Lagoon manages to retain its mystery and secrets.

immobilier Etang de Thau

The region’s most influential players, in business, tourism and politics, are constantly drawn to the Lagoon. The ‘Pearl of Languedoc’, as it is known, intoxicates everyone with its stunning views, wildlife and unstoppable sunshine. Unsurprisingly, endless vines now frame its shores (benefitting from its salty air), and providing a home to the famous Noilly Prat Vermouth and the prestigious wines of the Seigneurie de Peyrat wine domain.

famille tarbouriech marseillan

Day after day, the sun beats down across the cool waters of the lagoon, teeming with tourists and locals alike. They flock here to make the most of this playground of water sports and fishing – the perfect venue for horse riding, crab catching and snorkelling. The success of the lagoon comes down to the fact that, for every month of the year, magic happens here.

La Baraquette

A few steps from the old port of Marseillan, looking out over the lagoon, a real estate project is gradually emerging. La Baraquette, initiated by Miguel Espada, CEO of Propriétés & Co, is a vast property complex consisting of villas with private pools, beachfront houses and luxury apartments. La Baraquette also has its own chic boutiques, a hotel and a wellness center that uses natural products, including ‘Tarbouriech’ cosmetics and local products.

la baraquette residence secondaire marseillan

A concierge service will send residents in the direction of the best places to shop, including local stores selling directly from producer to consumer. Similarly, in all of the resort’s restaurants and bars, residents will wine and dine on the freshest of local produce.

For those looking to invest in real estate in which to live, to rent out simply keep as a second home, La Baraquette presents a unique opportunity to buy somewhere that will prove immediately profitable, as well as likely to increase in value over the longer term.

Dynamism behind a tranquil exterior

The Thau Lagoon supports about 3,500 people year-round – be they fishermen, oyster farmers and restauranters as well as those running bed and breakfasts and local vineyards who play host to visitors who flock here to taste the huge varity of Langueodc wines.

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