Château de La Redorte
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  • 1Relax by one of the resort's beautiful horizon pools
  • 2Every property comes with an electric Citroën Méhari as an option - a French classic turned green
  • 3Local delicacies (and sumptuous views) will be served up at the hotel restaurant
  • 4Our Concierge will be tasked with making sure you have experiences you never forget
  • 5Tone up or relax at the hotel's fitness centre and luxury spa
  • 6Down France's best oysters and most delicious wines - at the wine and oyster bar
  • 7A 'Central Rendez-Vous' will offer fresh produce, an art gallery and artisan boutiques
  • 8Escape to the VIP Lounge - just one of many exclusive perks of ownership
  • 9Lush Mediterranean planting and natural stone homes will give the estate a natural feel

A vineyard estate that blends luxury with authenticity

On a gently climbing hill, the La Baraquette vineyard estate will extend across 6.2 hectares of prime seafront land. The gradual slope will ensure that most of the villas and apartments as well as the hotel, share in those panoramic views of the lagoon and oyster tables. As well as the properties built here, some truly world-class facilities will be on hand for owners and visitors alike, designed to make sure you get the most of your stay on the estate.

In what was once an old winery, a Visitors Centre will be built - home to the estate’s ‘Concierge’. It will be the first port of call for anyone looking to truly experience this beautiful part of the South of France, rather than just seeing it. A trained staff of local experts will be on hand to make sure you don’t miss out on great events, to book you tables at the best restaurants, give you all the options for activities on offer in the area, and generally try to steer you clear of the bland and too-touristy. They’ll introduce you to tapas and wine on the pontoon at the Tarbouriech family’s oyster restaurant. And make sure you’re there to watch the ‘water jousting’ in Marseillan. They’ll point you in the direction of the best wine tasting domains, ones not only with great wines but with the most interesting tours. And they’ll send you on an early-morning culinary tour of Sète, where you can buy fish just off the boats, compare 20 different Roquefort cheeses and taste the area’s world-famous fish soup. Also housed in the Visitors Centre will be the estate’s private wine tasting rooms. Owners will be invited here to sample the estate’s reds, whites and rosés, and learn from the wine-makers themselves just how they were produced.

The Municipality of Marseillan will improve the beach and landscaped gardens along the seafront at La Baraquette. This beach and park will add greatly to this section of the bassin, and help tie the new development in with the nearby marina at Tabarka, the port, and the medieval village of Marseillan itself.

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“We believe very much in the potential of this project and foresee it becoming quite the regional icon.”
- Alex Rondon, G M H Luxury Hotels

The 15.3 acre plot – is the highest point in Marseillan, with uninterrupted views over the Mediterranean.
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A village within a village

To help bring the best of the Languedoc region into the estate itself, a Central Rendez-Vous is being created that showcases the best the region has to offer. The freshest of seasonal local produce will be sold in a small green grocers, and a traditional bakery will offer fresh bread, croissants, cakes and tarts every morning. A gallery will bring the talents of local artists to your door step, and clothes, jewellery and home furnishing boutiques will offer the latest in local fashion and design.

“The hotel's rooftop infinity pool will offer the best views across the lagoon and to the sea.”
- Joan Belagué - Slow Life Architects, Barcelona

5-star authenticity

Where the Visitor Centre offers exploration and adventure, the estate’s 5-star Hotel provides an oasis of luxury and refinement. Not luxury of the anonymously-global kind - but rather a luxury firmly rooted in the authentic South of France. In the 5-star hotel, a sumptuous spa will offer all manner of massages and treatments, using local olive and almond oils, ’Garrigue’ herbs and Camargue salts. At the hotel restaurant, you’ll enjoy 5-star cuisine under a million-star sky, and the best of the lagoon’s oysters, prawns and other seafood prepared using twists on age-old southern French recipes. Owners will have private access to their own VIP Club. In its bar and lounge, overlooking vines and sea, you can sit and chat with other owners from all over the world over a chilled glass of local Picpoul white wine.

Also in the hotel you’ll find a spacious gym with everything from exercise classes to free weights. And a well-equipped conference centre, perfect for getting some work done or for any business meetings you might want to hold.

The hotel itself will offer 5-star luxury at every turn, making it the perfect place for your friends and family to stay should you prefer to not have them staying in your apartment or villa. The hotel’s huge horizon pool, looking out over the oyster tables, will provide one of the focal points of the estate, where you can relax with friends at the pool bar and enjoy small plates of local ‘French tapas’.

Drink in the best views in the south of France while dining on the freshest of seafood at the hotel's waterside restaurant.